Nanotechnology water based, ant-foul marine paints offer super hydrophobicity (less fuel consumption), are durable, water repellent, UV resistant, fungus/algae & bateria/barnacle resistant,thermally insulating, elastomeric, and anti-sticking, for a wide variety of Metallic and GRP surfaces.

Nano Antifouling Paint
Underwater Coat for ship bottom line with high anticorrosive properties.

Nano Marine Universal Primer
Unlined internal surfaces on bulkheads of deckhouse

Nano Marine coal tar epoxy Paint
Above water lining to protect steel, galvanised steel, has good water and chemical resistance properties

Nano Marine anti-skid Paint
Paint for exposed decks of deck houses, wheel house top with anti-skid property

Nano Marine Top coat finish Paint
Finish coat paint for superstructure, oil tank, engineering room with high anticorrosive, chemical resistance properties
I-CanNano products have undergone extensive tests to laboratory standerds based upon sound research conducted over a 10 years period.

I-canNano Anti-Foul    
TBT Free (Harmless to marine life) Yes
Lead & Chrome Free (Harmless to marine life) Yes
Free of Biocides, Pesticides and other toxins Yes
Contains Anti-Bacterial Nano Metal Yes
Environmentally Safe & Eco Friendly Yes
Friction Co-efficient Decreased Co-efficient
Super Hydrophobicity/Longlife Guarantee Yes
Low Volatile Organic Compounds Yes
Anti-Sticking Yes
High UV, Corrosion, Impact/Scratch Resistant Robust/High
Static Fouling & Foul Release Properties Robust/High
Fuel & Emissions Savings High

Example Technical Data for Marine Anti-Foul...

Sp. Gravity
%of solid containt by volume
Pot life
Method of application
Application temparature
Application Viscosity(Spray)
Dry Film thickness(Brush)
Coverage(Brush or Spray)
Surface Dry
Tack Dry
Hard Dry
Minimum Recoat time
UV Stability
Temperature Resistance
Stratch Resistance
Salt Spray
Impact Resistance
180" @23oC
18 hours
30" @30oC
120 sqft/kg
1 hour
3-4 hour
3 days
4 hour
400 +hrs
Semi Gloss or Gloss
3 kg+
1000+ hrs
1000 +hrs
20 J+



Outstanding adhesion, high anti-corrosive (4500 hours of salt spray lab testing completed)
High resistance to weathering (UV, fungus, water, dirt, barnacles etc) and any blistering.
Smooth, high gloss, nano particle finish, provides abrasion resistance and lower surface friction.
Improved protection provides unsurpassed static fouling resistance and foul release properties.
Exceptional hold up and reduction in slime/barnacles delivers major fuel & emission savings.

Can be applied to all GRP, Mild Steel, CI, DI, Aluminium, SS surfaces and Propellors. Not recommended for floors and decks.Optionally, we can also provide a thermally conductive version.

COLOURS AVAILABLE: Colour of base is white. The base material may be tinted with universal colourants to a full range of custom colours. I-CanNano has 250+ colour shades and also a metallic finish.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 100120 square feet per kg. Pot life is 18 hours. Stir well before using. Use brush or spray for application. 1 coat of Primer & 2 coats of Finish recommended.

DRYING TIME: Drying Time Surface Dry 1 hour, Tack Dry 3-4 hours, Hard Dry 3 days. Drying time is variable depending on temperature/humidity.

SUSTAINABLE AND ECO FRIENDLY Nano marine paints last considerably longer, are more robust, anti-bacterial, are water and dirt repellent, offer low or no VOCs, and are kinder to the environment because they greatly reduce the need for raw material consumption.
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